Dictionaries for Mozilla

What's New
  • 05/03/09 Updated the Brittish dictionary - thanks to Mark Tyndall!
    Updated the Hebrew dictionary, thanks to Dan Kenigsberg!
    New dictionary: Latvian - thanks to Guntis!
    New dictionary: Welsh, updated US dictionary - thanks to Robert Strong
    Updated the Italian dictionary - thanks to Davide Prina

Dictionaries for Mozilla
Easy installation of dictionaries for the Mozilla spell checker

To download/install dictionaries, go to the installation page, and follow the instructions. If you have any questions or comments please visit the forum or contact me.

Note: I have nothing to do with the actual dictionaries. Please contact the author of the dictionary for any questions or comments! Contact information for a lot of the authors can be found here. Information about installed dictionaries can be found in the supplied README-file in the [installation directory]\components\myspell\ directory.
For information on how to create your own dictionaries, see the guide on

The goal of this project is to put all dictionaries that works with the Mozilla spell checker (Mozilla is using the myspell spell checker) into easy to install xpi-packages. This, to make it easier for anyone to install additional dictionaries.

Do you have a dictionary for the myspell spell checker that you don't see on this page, or do you know where to find one? To contribute to this project in any way please contact me, any help will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you...
Robert Strong, Denis Lackovic, Dan Kenigsberg, Mark Tyndall, Davide Prina and Guntis.

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